another kind of beauty

This blog it´s about my artworks and my masters.
The artworks focus is on men as a subject, most are nudes.

Most of the drawings and paintings were inspired by guys who send me their photos via internet or private and allow me to draw them.
If you would like to see yourself in a drawing or painting let me know. First sketch is free.

You can buy artworks displayed here.
I do comissions (portraits, nudes, pets, landscapes) based on photographs or alive sessions.

Other images come from various free sources or reblogs from other tumblers.

If you are not of legal age where you live, leave now, please.

"Nico" three pitt artist pen skethces on tracing paper, inspired by photos, which one to develop into a graphite on paper drawing ?

"el malo", a really inspirig guy from copenhagen
Title el malo
Technic graphite on paper
Size 26 x 21 cm (10,24 x 8, 27 in)
Date September 2014
masters and bodies
Julius Kronberg (1850-1921)
David and Saul, oil on canvas, 1885, 298 x 220 cm
The Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, Sweden

my artworks - early artworks

"henrique" study, pen on craft paper, 1989

masters and bodies
Jean-Baptiste Mauzaisse (1784-1844)
L´Arabe pleurant son coursier (The Arab Mourning his Steed),
oil on canvas, 1812, 81,3 x 99,1 cm
The Birmingham Museum of Art

masters and bodies

Pierre et Gilles - La colère d´Achille, hand-painted photograph, 2011

model: Staiv Gentis

down left photo: models Staiv Gentis and Luizo Vega

masters and bodies

Pierre et Gilles, Icare, Oiseau meneur, hand-panted photograph, 2013

model: Jonathan Forte Scannapieco (dancer at the Lido)

masters and bodies
Pierre et Gilles - La déchirure, hand-painted photograph, 2013
model: Rithy Sak-Men

my artworks

"Milen" sketches, graphite on tracing paper

my artworks - on my drawing board
view from hydra (first sketch) ink pen on transparent paper